Tie Dye thats to die for!

I thought I’d take the time to share some things I’ve made using tie dyed material. Why wear just tie dye shirts when you can wear it in so many other ways!?

Firstly, a braided headband is extremely easy to make! I followed along with this tutorial by make it-love it to create this  5 -strand braided headband:

Photo on 8-17-12 at 11.05 PM #2

My friends and I have a sisterhood of the traveling sweatshirt which we all chipped into buying and have been exchanging for the past year. We just started a new rule: that when you receive the sweatshirt you must add something to it! My friend began with adding embroidered letters on the bottom which spell our initials. I thought I would add to this by sewing on elbow patches. ( They have become pretty popular.. and hardly anyone has tie dye elbow patches!) haha For this project I followed a diy tutorial on A Beautiful Mess ( I made oval shaped patches rather than heart shaped ones). Adding elbow patches is such a simple way to bring life and personality to a sweater that has become old and boring. Here are some pictures of the patches I added to the ‘sisterhood sweater’:

576575_10151980857683289_955928357_n 485563_10151980858278289_2113104710_n


I’m certain that I’ll be creating more tie dye-related projects in the future-so there may be some updates to this post. What are some other ways you can sport tie dye rather than just on a t-shirt? I’d love to see your finished tie dye related projects, so don’t be afraid to post!

Happy tie dying!

Love, Anissa

2 thoughts on “Tie Dye thats to die for!

  1. lovely post!
    are you an abm follower as well? if you are, you must follow my new blog! most of my posts will be inspired by elsie and emma’s. 🙂
    see you around!
    ~ e ~

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