cute as a button earrings!

With buttons becoming even more artsy and detailed its no surprise that I’d want to turn some of my favorite ones into earrings! The buttons I worked with for this DIY used to be on my cardigan sweater. However, over time they fell off and instead of letting them sit in my sewing box, I put these lovely buttons into good use by creating earrings with them!

Photo on 5-31-13 at 5.13 PM #2 Photo on 5-31-13 at 5.12 PM

Fun Fact: Did you know that buttons were originally used as ornaments or seals to make impressions!… So in a way, this DIY project takes buttons back to their roots through once again ornamenting-our ears in this case, and by helping us making great first impressions!!

What you will need:

Photo on 5-31-13 at 4.41 PM

-A pair of buttons (I used ones with shanks)

-a glue gun( and glue, of course!)

-and some lever earrings- you will be able to find these at any craft store (I got these from Michaels)

Begin by fitting the button onto the lever to see how it will sit naturally.For my earrings,  the size of the shank was large so the button was just hanging on the lever earring so that the face of the earring was pointing downward. This may not be the case for all buttons. I decided where I wanted the earring to sit on the lever earring by holding it in place and experimenting with how it looked in the mirror.

After you decided how you want it to sit, grab the glue gun and dab some glue on the bottom of one lever earring and quickly slip one earring on and press in place. Let this dry for a minute or two. Now close the clasp of the earring. (This will ensure that you didn’t glue the clasp down during the next step).

Next add a couple of  dabs around the shank to secure it in place, both above the shank and below. Remove any excess glue (I did so with a pencil). Let dry and do the same for the other button and lever earring combo. Once the glue cools-they’re ready to wear!

Heres the finished product!

Photo on 5-31-13 at 11.41 PM #2

Photo on 5-31-13 at 11.41 PM

They totally look store bought!

What are your thoughts? I personally would love to try to make stud earrings using buttons in the future. How did your earrings turn out?

Happy earring-making!

Love, Anissa

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