A headband that’s sure to turn heads!

I’ve always loved knitting, but It wasn’t until recently that I realized I wasn’t expanding on this skill-for all I ever knitted was scarfs! They are extremely simple to make and are great gifts which I believe is probably what sucked me into this endless cycle of knitting scarfs. ( and I didn’t even knit them in a round- haha knitting joke). So with this said, I looked into something else to create… and this is what I found!


It’s a how-to for a ‘cinched headband/cowl’ provided by Elisa McLaughlin. It’s an extremely simple process! Beginner knitters can get through it with ease, for all you need to know is how to make a slip knot, to cast on, the knit stitch and to cast off. As part of the Knitting 101 series on craftsnob, this tutorial is complete with pictures and a video explaining the process.

It’s a super cute headband and a great gift to give. Furthermore, I’d say to experiment with different types of yarns and at different widths and see what you can create!

Here’s a picture of a headband I created not too long ago.

Photo on 7-18-12 at 9.28 PM #2

You will get so many compliments on it! I would love to see the headbands you create if you choose to take on this project!

Happy knitting!<3

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