water you waiting for!?

Many students around my campus, and I’m sure at every college campus carry with them reusable water bottles. They are a great way to stay hydrated throughout the day, save you money on not having to buy drinks, are aesthetically pleasing, coming in different colors, styles and sizes and will last forever! Decorating your waterContinue reading “water you waiting for!?”

DIY Paper clip Earrings!

When I say ‘paper clip earrings’ I don’t mean that we’re going to stick paper clips through our earlobes, but rather that we can easily make earrings out of the well-known office supply, paper clips! When I first found this DIY I was shocked with how easy it was-for the procedure was simple and allContinue reading “DIY Paper clip Earrings!”

what i’ve been working on..

I’ve been super duper busy with school, but when I do have the time (usually when watching tv- which I rarely do anyway) I’ve been knitting. I found this scarf pattern online for free! Its a great pattern and very easy to follow! Go to http://www.thecastingoncouch.com-click on free patterns-click on the first link titled ‘laceContinue reading “what i’ve been working on..”

its been a while…

since I’ve posted anything, and I’m sorry about that. I’ve been on break from school for the past month so i’ve been spending my time off by traveling, visiting friends and family and watching shirley temple movies- hahaha. So I apologize once again for my lack of posts. In other news, this is my finalContinue reading “its been a while…”