DIY Wedding Scrapbook

My husband and I had a #pandemicwedding back in October. We considered ordering a photo book with all of our photos from the day but didn’t want to spend too much $$ (those can really get pricey!)

We instead decided to create a wedding scrapbook! I’d recommend this project for any couple, especially for those who are tying the knot! This was such a fun and memorable project to take on together. Scrapbooking is one of those crafts that anyone can do, basically as long as you can cut and glue, your good to go!

  1. We started by ordering photos through Seeing their commercial and realizing how affordable it was to order prints is actually what sparked the idea of us making our own scrapbook! The app was super easy to use and sync our photos via google drive. We selected our favorite photos from all of the pre-wedding events and the wedding day that were taken by our wedding photographer, Joanna Young Photography. We even printed out some photos from our trip to Toronto in 2017, when my husband popped the big question. We printed over 200 photos for only the cost of shipping, all with a matte finish-which I would 100% recommend. This is a great option, especially if you are using your photos for scrapbooks as the matte finish doesn’t show fingerprints.
  2. Gather your supplies! Here’s what we used:
    • 12 x 12 scrapbook album
    • 12 x 12 Cardstock Paper Pack
    • 4.5″ x 6.5″ Cardstock Paper 100-count ( we used 3 different colors to vary our photo backings)
    • Wedding-related stickers
    • Washi Tape, various patterns
    • Glue sticks
    • Scissors

Below are some of the products we picked up at our local Michael’s

Design Tips:

  • Decide on a color theme. Find color and patterned paper that ties into your wedding color palette. Try to stay away from patterns that are too busy, as they would distract from the main event- your pictures! We chose a more neutral pack, since the different shades of grays, browns, and pinks matched with our rustic & fall wedding and one of our wedding colors, mauve which matched the bridesmaids’ dresses.
  • Organize and Group your photos. Start by grouping your photos by type or event (i.e. bridal shower, bachelor weekend, getting ready, group photos, family photos, ceremony, reception). Afterwards, we broke them down even further into smaller groups of 4 photos and placed them into the sleeves of the scrapbook in the sequence of events. We also placed a Cardstock Paper into each sleeve in an alternating pattern. This gave a us base for each page and allowed us to save more “decision power” for the actual layout and design. This made it super easy to pull out our scrapbook and work on a few pages at a time.
  • Plan before your Paste. Arrange photos on top of the paper. You may want to experiment with more or less photos, angling photos, and even trimming some photos. Play around with and use a variety of layouts- it’s not as fun or as interesting if you have the same layout on each page. If you have related pictures across two side-by-side pages, consider making the pages a reflection of one another, too! Also, think about how you’ll layout your embellishments at this step. Too few will make your page feel as if it is missing something and too many will become a distraction, find a happy “Goldilocks” medium.
  • If you change your mind you can easily make adjustments. Don’t be afraid to move a sticker or photo to another spot after you’ve already pasted items onto your page. Using glue sticks to adhere your paper turns out to be very forgiving, and if some of the background paper does comes off while makes adjustments you can easily cover those spots up.

We’ve been enjoying every part of the process from selecting and printing our favorite photos, to shopping for supplies, to designing each page, and all the while reliving some great memories and moments from our special day. This is an easy, affordable, and fun diy project. Honestly, scrapbooking projects have always felt daunting and time consuming in the past, but creating our wedding scrapbook felt effortless and exciting.

What I love the most about this project is that we worked on it together, from start to finish, and I am excited by the idea of us revisiting our wedding day through our personally curated wedding album for years to come! I’m also looking forward to seeing what other projects we can tackle together in the future…

Have you ever made a scrapbook before?

Do you have any other tips for designing scrapbook pages?

Stay Crafty,


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