Here’s my pitch: a flower on top of a flower stitch

During my time at an SnB meeting one week I wanted to try a new stitch. I decided to make a headband using the Lotus Flower Stitch. << That’s a link to Craft Cookie’s instruction which is what I used to pick up the pattern.

I found the pattern very easy to follow along with and the results were beautiful!

However, this Lotus flowered headband was missing something…. so I added a flower!

I followed Cedar Hill Farm Company’s tutorial to create an embellishment for the headband. Being that this approach calls for one petal to be knitted at a time, I was able to create solid colored petals from my multi-colored yarn. This definitely allowed for the flower to stand out on the headband.

Below is a picture of the final product that I was able to take before we sold it at SnB’s fundraiser!



I definitely recommend this project or to try one similar to it. It was a quick knit, it’s super cute and perfectly cozy for the cold winter months!


Sending some Flower Power your way,



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