A day of firsts..

I absolutely love trying new things and taking on new projects in the craft world is no different! With this said, I took a giant leap by knitting my first hat- and it’s about time too!

Photo on 8-18-14 at 2.31 PM

I used a skein of Red Heart’s Curly Q in Thunderstorm which was a gift from my mom.

I followed the directions on the reverse side of the label which can also be found  here.

This was definitely a quicker and easier project than I expected it to be. It only uses a series of knit, purl and slip stitches, making it ideal for a beginner knitter.

This pattern didn’t call for circular needles so at the end of the project so you’ll need to close the seam of the hat by weaving yarn through. Make sure to do this while the hat is inside out!


IMG_0260 IMG_0259

.. and when you turn it right-side you you can barely see the seem!




This pattern is called “Looped Tassel Hat”, so instructions for a looped tassel on top are also included. I decided not to add this, and instead used the remainder of the yarn to make pom poms for the large project that is the pom pom rug!

This was a fun project and I really loved the results! I can’t wait to try other hat patterns and to try creating one in the round!

P.S.- why don’t YOU try something new today!

hats off to you,


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