Let’s get the party started!

So for this past Halloween, I came up with the idea to create a piñata costume! I thought I was a genius for coming up with such an idea only to find that it wasn’t as original as I thought! A website, Coolest Homemade Costumes has a great collection of pictures of homemade piñata costumes that you can refer to when creating your own. I knew I’d only need a few materials so I went for a walmart-run just a couple of hours before the festivities began.

I used a hot glue gun, tissue paper, scissors, and party hats. Instead of re-purposing a dress, I decided to use a pillowcase which I could easily take in to fit better. I cut the colorful strips to create a fringe (a stereo-type of all piñatas)!  I then glued these pieces to the pillowcase using the hot glue gun. I arranged the strips so that they helped to create an image of a dress, rather than a pillowcase, however you can arrange them however you’d like. [The process of cutting and gluing the strips took longer than I thought, so I’d recommend finding a friend! 

I followed the same process with the party hats, making sure to have some colorful strands hanging off of the top of each. … and TA-DA.. that was a piece of candy! (get the joke?)

This was such an easy costume to create and a fun one to wear! The Ke$ha song Tik Tok, is definitely your anthem when wearing this costume thanks to the lyrics: “The party don’t start till I walk in”. I received lots of compliments on it which was probably because I was giving out candy all night long. I definitely recommend this costume, even as a last minute costume for the day of.



The lovely lady to my left is none other than Elissa aka Peggy aka my best friend who is passionate about music, film and a strong advocate for all things femme. See what she’s got to say at Peggysthoughts!

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