What I gawked at today…..

Craftgawker is one of my favorite sites. Although I do enjoy being able to search for specific things on pinterest, I often find myself scrolling through pages and pages of handmade items on craftgawker. The site features whats hot right now by showcasing, tutorials related to fashion, decor, bath & body, accessories, basically anything and everything. What’s also great about this site is that they will feature artwork and products that you can purchase on etsy! Lastly, there are so many crafts for kids to do, or that you can make for kids which is great for moms or aspiring teachers, like me!

So now that you know a little bit about the site,  I’d like to take the time to point out some tutorials that stood out for me. I may or may not have gawked or drooled over how simple, innovative, or just plain cute these projects are! Enjoy!

1. DIY Pearl Bracelet from cutediys

Do you know how to make a three-stranded braid? Yes you do! It’s the one you probably use when braiding your hair! This ‘DIY Pearl Bracelet’ is a take on that technique, plus with pearl beads! It’s that simple!


Inspired by this? Why not try this look but with a five-stranded braid or with another popular ‘friendship bracelet’ technique!

2. DIY Stamped Clay succulent pots from damasklove

Remember the last time you used clay? For me, It was probably in kindergarden, that’s why I am so eager to try this project! Damasklove uses oven-bake clay to create simple yet elegant pots for those ever so popular succulents! These would also make great gifts!


In what other ways can you think of using oven-bake clay (besides to create pots and vases)?

3. DIY Huge towel beach tote by mysocalledcraftylife

What a great idea! There is always so much to pack for a trip to the beach and this tote will prevent your stuff from getting soaked and/or full of sand! (UGH I hate getting sand everywhere!) Mysocalledcraftylife, you are a genius for coming up with this, and its such an easy to follow tutorial! The best part is that you can just throw it in the washer after you get home! I can’t wait to try this- if only I discovered this earlier in the summer!


Have you ever made a beach tote using something other than a towel?  Where else would using this bag come in handy? the pool? water park?

4. Instagram Photo Display from a cabinet door by makinghomebase

Thinking of ways to decorate your room or college dorm room? and want to showcase your instagram pictures at the same time? Well try out this tutorial by makinghomebase! It’s super simple and doesn’t cost much!


This project reminds me of a project my best friend Jess from themodmermaid took on! She used the back of her door and attached the pictures using clothespins and string. Check out her site for beauty tutorials, hauls and so much more! Plus, she updates on a regular basis! (something I myself need to work on :p)

If you don’t use instagram no worries! Just print out pictures but at a smaller size! I would suggest using decorative washi tape on the clothespins! In what ways do you showcase your pictures other than in picture frames?

5. Homemade Sugar Scrub Wash by blytheponytailparades

Here’s a super simple diy sugar scrub wash using only lemons, limes, sugar and coconut oil! I’m sure it smells amazing! This would also be a great gift! There are so many simple and cheap scrubs and soap recipes out that you’l never have to go out and buy it again!


Have you ever made your own sugar scrub-and what did you use to make it? is this something you can see yourself making? ( I mean, why wouldn’t you!?!

So there you have it! Just a few craftgawker projects that I caught my eye! Along with craftgawker, there’s also dwellingawker, foodgawker, stylegawker and weddinggawker.. so if you want to sit in front of the computer for hours in awe, be sure to check these sites out!

stay gawking,



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