Simple Pinterest Projects

When searching under the DIY & Craft category on Pinterest there are so many simple and inexpensive projects that require little time and effort and use many common household items. Although these projects may not fulfill your need to challenge yourself as a DIY-er,  they sure are easy ways to spice up your decor, add some flare to your wardrobe and use the simplest materials in all of DIY: paper and scissors. These projects are so easy that you’ll wonder why you weren’t the first to come up with them!

With that said, here are a few pinterest projects that caught my eye:

Painted Glass Jar by craftedbylinda

This is a SUPER easy project that kids could even take on! This is a great way to add some color and life to plain glass jars. Some ways you could show off your new colored glass jar would be as a vase or to hold your pens and pencils. No matter which creative way you chose to showcase your new treasure, I’m confident that it will liven up any space!

I used some leftover ‘Shamrock’ acrylic paint to color this pickle jar.


Some similar glass jar projects on pinterest include colored jars that use food coloring and frosted glass jars that use Martha Stewart frost glass paint. These are projects that I definitely want to try!

Have you ever painted glass jars? How did they turn out?

Work-out tank from a t-shirt inspired by rabbitfoodformybunnyteeth

I began to follow along with this easy-to-follow tutorial, however I realized that I really liked the back of the shirt I was working with       ( I especially liked the motivational words!) Instead, I chose to cut slits around the circle which would allow for more air circulation when working out. Although, I really do like the idea of a racerback tank, as described in rabbitfoodformybunnyteeth’s tutorial and I plan on making one in the future! (maybe one that’s even braided in the back!)

IMG_8321 IMG_8322

IMG_8332   IMG_8335

Reclaiming old t-shirts are some of the simplest, no-sew projects out there! It’s great to take an old, boring t-shirt and cut it up into a new style, that you know you’ll like and probably get more wear out of. There are plenty of similar t-shirt to tank tutorials that you can find on pinterest!

I would love to see examples of how you re-pourposed your old t-shirts!

Paper Flowers by Dozi, originally Martha Stewart

Here is a super simple, clever tutorial on how to make paper flowers!

Photo on 7-19-13 at 3.13 PM #2 Photo on 7-19-13 at 3.14 PM

Photo on 7-19-13 at 3.17 PM


I stuck the flowers on one of my mom’s plants!  I did end up fooling my brother!

While making my pink and purple flowers, I had fun experimenting with different sized squares of paper and circular and oval shaped spirals. No matter what adjustments you make the flowers look great. This craft is simple enough for a kids to understand, so it would be a great arts and craft project. I can imagine tons of ways in which you can use these flowers! The writer of the tutorial used them for a table setting, however one idea could be to create bouquets or garlands of these flowers. Try experimenting with different types of paper, sizes and spirals and see what you can create!

Have you created paper flowers using a different method?


I hope these super simple interest projects inspired you to create and to use pinterest when looking for new projects to take on! Although I would love to create my own projects and diy’s all of the time, it makes more sense to try out other projects, to not only look for some inspiration for my own projects but to improve on my crafting skills!

Sorry about this being a very wordy post!

I’ll close with something familiar:

Happy crafting,




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