Snug as a bug in a Toothbrush Rag Rug

The project of the week is a ‘Toothbrush Rag Rug”!

I liked the idea of making a rug, for it can really add character to a room, is soft on the toes and because it was something I have never created before!

I discovered that there are many different techniques one can use in order to create a rag rug. From braiding to using a sewing a machine, there were many variations to completing a rag rug, and they all looked great. However, the simplest method I found was that of the Toothbrush technique.

I found a very thorough explanation of the process at Rag Rug Cafe. In addition to instructions on how to create the toothbrush rag rug, the site also offers a forum to connect with other rag-ruggers, a gallery of photos of completed toothbrush rag rugs and the opportunity to purchase a book on the subject. All you’ll need to look at is the Free Video Instructions (Toothbrush Rugs) section.

The instructions are very clear and even include an easy to follow video! If you have any further questions check the forum to see if they can be answered there. What makes this technique known as the “toothbrush” rag rug technique is because of the use of tool to help pull strips through, and a lot of people have used toothbrushes as that tool. For my rug, I used a latch hook that I had lying around.

Some things to note while making a toothbrush rag rug of your own:

  1. Yes, at first it looks weird. The first knots will make you doubt yourself and the work you did. Do not fret, it’s right.. and soon enough you will begin to see it form into something that looks more along the lines of a rug.
  2. Don’t pull the knots too tight (think of them as being snug-like a bug in a rug!). If your knots are too tight you will notice that your rug will be forming more of a “bowl” shape. To prevent the “bowl” shape add extra knots.
  3. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and fabrics! I used old t-shirts, dresses and bedsheets.

Here is a picture of the Rag Rug I’ve been working on:

Photo on 5-26-13 at 11.39 PM

I can’t say it’s completed yet. It has taken me some time to get this far and I would like to make it much bigger, so we’ll see how long it takes me to finish it… and of course- I’ll include a picture of the finished product!

I truly recommend this project to anyone willing to take it on-it’s the perfect activity to do while watching a movie!

Is this something you can see yourself making? Have you had any experience making rag rugs? How does this technique compare to the others?

I’d love to see your rugs! So feel free to send pictures my way!

Happy Crafting,


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