DIY tangle-free embroidery floss headphones!

So I first saw this idea online (probably pinterest)- who ever came up with the idea is a genius![ I secretly wished I had come up with it first!] Anyway, whats so great about it besides brightening up your boring headphones is that it prevents your headphones from getting tangled up-which is SUPER annoying. I probably started this project around christmas time, and I just finished it today! ahaha. In addition to how much time it took, its also important to note that you will have to use a lot of embroidery floss, I guesstimated much less than I actually needed which resulted in me continuing on with a color I didn’t initially plan on using.

I really recommend this project! It gives you a chance to revisit the famous chinese staircase pattern that was all too familiar from making lanyards in middle school and is just very artsy and colorful!

P.S. You may not be able to tell from the picture – But that is Elvis Presley’s hair you see.. haha I got the sweatshirt at goodwill for 3$ !!!

Photo on 3-26-13 at 6.23 PM Photo on 3-26-13 at 6.27 PM #5

Happy crafting,


One thought on “DIY tangle-free embroidery floss headphones!

  1. This is a great idea! I’m always having to untangle my headphones and it gets so annoying. Plus, the floss adds some personality to them! 🙂

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