DIY Paper clip Earrings!

When I say ‘paper clip earrings’ I don’t mean that we’re going to stick paper clips through our earlobes, but rather that we can easily make earrings out of the well-known office supply, paper clips! When I first found this DIY I was shocked with how easy it was-for the procedure was simple and all of the materials are very easy to come by. (I secretly wished I came up with the idea myself! haha)

What you need: paper clips (2 -one for each ear), embroidery floss, craft glue ( I just used a glue gun), scissors and earring clips (2).

Here is an easy to follow how-to from another wordpress blog, withonehandwavingfree.

I made three different pairs, as pictured below… consider making some heart-shaped ones-you still have time before valentine’s day! (*To create a heart-shaped paperclip, you will need pliers)

Photo on 7-15-12 at 7.28 PMPhoto on 2-3-13 at 5.45 PM

Photo on 2-3-13 at 5.48 PM #2

(This last picture is actually shows a pair of earrings I made with bangle bracelets, I just took yarn and wrapped it around and found the “star” design online)

What other shapes can you think of making with paper clips? Are there any other office supplies you would consider making earrings with? I would love to hear your ideas and to see your finished earrings!

P.S. Dats by boyfrand rocking the RG III t-shirt. Unfortunately they didn’t make the Super Bowl :(….. but ravens all the way tonight!

Love, anissa

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