Whats up your sleeve?

What If I told you that you can make a skirt out of shirt sleeves.. would you believe me? I don’t blame you for doubting that it’s possible, but good news, it actually is! A couple of years ago I stumbled on a how-to by the youtube channel, Threadbanger that described how to make a skirt from the sleeves of men’s dress shirts.

You will need: Two mens dress shirts of the same size (colors of your choice, of course!), scissors, pins and a sewing machine (or needle and thread).

Note: The size of the skirt can be adjusted by changing the sizes of the shirt used, using more sleeves or by changing the width of the panels. And, I’ve been able to adjust the size of my skirt a bit by buttoning it on different buttons on the cuffs of the sleeves, which will be what sits at your waist.

A complete video tutorial of the process is provided by Threadbanger on youtube:

In addition to the video, here are some images of skirts that Threadbanger viewers created. (Thanks to google images for these)

Here is are some pictures of the skirt I made:

Photo on 5-21-13 at 2.07 PM Photo on 5-21-13 at 2.07 PM #3 Photo on 5-21-13 at 2.08 PM #2

There are a lot of choices you can make such as the length and if you want a straight hem all the way around (mine had natural ripple to it, which I liked).

Good luck if you choose to take on this project- I wholeheartedly recommend it. Oh, and you’ll get so many compliments and requests for one!

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