Homemade is always better

Let’s face it, homemade things are always better. Cookies that are freshly baked and are chock-full of love are much more yummy than store bought cookies-even if they do belong to a popular brand. Why is this true, you ask? It’s because it was made with love AND determination. Isn’t it so much more rewarding to start with an idea or an inspiration to make something and in the end know that it came together from just that, for you’ve created something, a masterpiece, out of nothing. How much work, time and ultimately the dedication that you put into your work makes it much more worthwhile than anything that can just be purchased. Whether it is something for yourself or a gift for a friend, I suggest making something from scratch.

Instead of purchasing a costume of a character that someone else at that Halloween costume party will most definitely have-consider creating your own! This way you will have something completely original and it will be less likely for someone to have the same costume as you if you are going for that 1st place in the costume contest! And trust me, you’ll get plenty of compliments for originality and creativityBegin by thinking of fictional and non-fictional characters that you would love to recreate/portray. You don’t have to dress up as a character of course! You have the capability to become an object, a figure of speech, a place- anything! What’s so great about Halloween is that you become anything imaginable, for there are no limits! Next, once you have your idea figure out the materials you will need to create the costume. Begin by looking in your closets and around the house, for those shirts you’ve never worn will now have a purpose!  Items you have always considered to be recyclable or useless can now be what makes your costume! Be sure to check out thrift stores and dollar stores next. Another benefit of making things by hand is about how much money you save! Think about it, why spend waste $20 on a sweater for a costume that you will never again wear because it has a wish bone and adam’s apple on it for your ‘operation’ costume. A final step which you can take is to ‘go above and beyond’ by thinking of ways to make your representation of your character/object perfect! For example, if you are Mr. ‘Operation’ you can think of how to make your costume interactive, so people can try to play the game! If you are emulating a person, be sure to use their signature gesture and/or the accent that they are famous for. You have the chance to be something you normally aren’t for an entire day-so truly become that persona!

To wrap up this post, I am going to include my favorite costume of all of the costumes that I have made for Halloween. In my high school we were encouraged to dress-up for Halloween probably because it was a performing arts high school. So with this said, because everyone was artsy in one way or another- there were some extremely creative costumes each and every year. My sophomore year I created a Pinocchio costume. I recycled my friend’s old overalls and some old dance recital costumes. The only purchases  I made for my costume were red fabric dye for the overalls and the foam hat which made my look even closer to that of Pinocchio. I wore white gloves and drew hinges at my elbows and on my knees to emulate that I was a wooden doll. The last thing I possibly could have done to become Pinocchio besides become a ‘real boy’ was to create a working nose. I fashioned this out of a party roll-out which was covered with skin-colored cone and a straw. All I had to do was to make a comment that was most-definitely a lie and follow it with a blow through the straw which made my nose grow!

I have so much fun creating costumes for Halloween, and I hope this inspires you to create a one-of-a-kind costume!

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